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      JC Series Jaw Crusher

      he JC series Jaw Crusher is a new type of jaw crusher with optimized and developed design on structure, material selection, manufacture process and assembly, which is based on absorbing the international advanced technology and applying company's decades design concept and technology of jaw crusher.
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      HPY Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

      HPY cone crusher adopts high strength casting-steel frame, alloy forging main shaft and high precision straight bevel gear driving structure, combined with multi-chambers selection and automation control system, which fulfills the performance and advantages. HPY cone crusher can be widely used in secondary and fine crushing work for all kinds of hard materials and rocks to meet customers' various needs for crushing.
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      C series jaw crusher

      C Series Jaw Crushers are new kind of products manufactured by our company, cooperating with the technology of ALTAIRAC France. They are jaw crushers with high throughput, low energy consumption, reliable structure and easy maintenance,being the preferred primary crushers for various rocks.
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      Tube Mill Working Principle

      The mill is a cylinder with supporting devices at both ends, and is equipped with grinding media of different specifications. The cylinder revolves around the horizontal central axis, and the grinding medium is brought to a certain height by friction and then falls. The material passes through the cylinder continuously, and is continuously impacted, squeezed and ground by the grinding medium, and finally ground into a qualified product.
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